Earth Learning is a collaborative that inspires people, ventures, projects, and activities through ecological learning experiences and is dedicated to growing a life-sustaining culture in our home, the Greater Everglades bioregion.

To be a catalyst in the transition toward a life-sustaining culture in the Greater Everglades Bioregion by:

  • Creating a space for global ecological movements to unfold locally;
  • Forming a container to accumulate collective wisdom and for holding a shared vision;
  • Creating capacity through events, courses, workshops, and trainings; and
  • Facilitating social entrepreneurs and ventures.


Special Focus
We are part of a global movement that is transitioning us toward an ecologically sustainable world.
We at Earth Learning believe that our food culture is at the core of our relationship with Earth, as individuals and communities.  For this reason, Earth Learning has begun to fashion its programs around inspiring the birth of a local, just, and sustainable foodshed in our home bioregion, the Greater Everglades.