Medical Marijuana Edibles

Other Popular Methods for Consuming Medical Marijuana

Medicated Marijuana Capsules are another great way to ingest medical marijuana without smoking it. There are many different methods, or recipes for making marijuana capsules. The best idea is to experiment with the various methods and recipes, until you find the method that is right for you. Unlike smoking and vaporizing, when you eat a capsule that has medical marijuana in it, it takes nearly an hour to take effect in most people.

Also, the resulting “high” or medicated feeling most people get from eating capsules is said to be stronger in many cases than with smoking marijuana, and is also said to “feel” different. Many users experience what they call a “full body” high after ingesting medicated capsules, instead of the cerebral “high” or medicated feeling they usually feel after smoking it. The effects are often said to last longer when taking medicated capsules, compared to smoking marijuana.

When using medicated marijuana capsules for the first time, it is recommended that you start small, and increase dose size as you become more familiar with the effects. Taking just 1 capsule may be all you need when using capsules made from a very potent strain. 3-4 capsules may be needed if using a poor quality of marijuana, or if the capsules are made too weak. Experiment!

Types of Medical Marijuana Edibles

Medicated Marijuana Edibles are another great alternative to smoking marijuana. Medical marijuana edibles could be any form of food, or beverage, that has been infused with, or prepared with marijuana as an ingredient. Brownies, cookies and cakes are some of the more traditional marijuana edibles, but I’ve been seeing an increase in medicated candies, lollipops, and other yummy treats lately. A knack for cooking and a little imagination can go a long way when making medicated edibles, again I encourage experimentation, and making some friends that have experience with cooking with marijuana.

Just like the capsules above, marijuana edibles are said to have a full body effect, and take around an hour to begin working in most patients. Experiment with different recipes and dosages until you find the right one for you. I recommend starting with low-medium strength cannabutter recipe, and using it for baking. By making weaker or stronger butter, you can regulate how strong your medicated treats will turn out.